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David Pakman discusses ClinicAll

July 01, 2019 – David Pakman is host of the internationally syndicated political television and talk radio program The David Pakman Show. On Youtube alone, over 650,000 subscribers follow his channel. We’re thrilled to show you this video where David talks about ClinicAll and also about some of the exciting major new developments and projects that we are currently working on:

German health minister Jens Spahn visits ClinicAll!

On May 21st, the Capital City Congress 2019 was opened in Berlin with the headline: "Healthcare politics, preventive healthcare, healthcare professions in the times of digital transformation". German Health Minister Jens Spahn ...

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The first DMEA in Berlin – the former conhIT – has proved a big success.

The leading healthcare IT event in central Europe – known as conhIT – changed its name for 2019: DMEA – Digital Medical Expertise & Applications. According to data provided by Messe Berlin and, an impressive total of 570 exhibitors displayed their products and services for digitalization...

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El nuevo encargado de los pacientes del Gobierno Federal, el Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe, se informó en la conhIT sobre las soluciones de ClinicAll.

El 11 de abril de 2018, el Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe fue nombrado el nuevo encargado del Gobierno Federal para las necesidades de los pacientes. Por lo tanto, la visita de la conhIT fue uno de sus primeros actos...

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«La integración digital en el «Point of Care» significa muchas ventajas para la clínica y para el paciente. Representa el centro de nuestro trabajo.»

ClinicAll integra numerosas soluciones de software en una plataforma digital conjunta y las proporciona a los médicos y a los pacientes.