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About ClinicAll

ClinicAll provides the interface between the hospital operator and digital services. Our software solutions and apps support seamless interaction between patients, physicians, and medical staff. Many specialized hospital services are now successfully integrated in ClinicAll – and more are added at regular intervals.


ClinicAll: We Integrate Digital Services.

ClinicAll was formed in 2010. Since then, our business has focused on the development and rollout of digital services in hospitals. In the beginning, the primary goal was to provide a modern entertainment system for patients that offered more options than the simple TV sets typically in use at the time. We developed our own software and a well-designed, versatile technological basis for the ClinicAll system.

The ClinicAll package was launched for Windows devices in 2012, and has been available for iOS and Android since 2018. All of the leading operating systems are therefore supported. Today, we focus our development work on fulfilling hospitals' requirements for modern, efficient, and inexpensive solutions that simultaneously offer a level of treatment quality and patient comfort that is second to none.

From entertainment applications to the networked hospital

ClinicAll offers a comprehensive solutions portfolio for integrating digital apps onto a common platform that is accessible by physicians, medical staff, and patients. Individual additional features – from service call to digital patient health records – can be added as required. ClinicAll can also draw on extensive experience in integrating new apps from third-party providers into a common platform, which considerably simplifies app handling in a hospital context.

The hardware and software package is therefore future-proof, and can be adapted to include new requirements and any other application that is conceivable within the scope of increased networking in hospitals. Remote management means the software in any hospital can be supported, audited, and updated from anywhere in the world.

The international ClinicAll company structure

ClinicAll International Corporation was formed in the USA in 2010, to accommodate strong demand for digital solutions and bedside terminals from the international market. Today, it forms an international network of companies in association with national subsidiaries that are active in a number of countries (Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, United States, United Arab Emirates, Gibraltar), with ClinicAll International functioning as the parent company.


ClinicAll International Corporation
666 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Dependent branch

ClinicAll International Corporation
Hellersbergstraße 6  •  D-41460 Neuss
Phone: 0049 (0) 2131 52813-0


ClinicAll North America LLC
666 Third Avenue  •  New York, NY 10017

ClinicAll Austria GmbH
Am Euro Platz 2 / Gebäude G  •  A-1120 Wien

ClinicAll Swiss AG
Chamerstrasse 174  •  6300 Zug

Office in Germany
Hellersbergstraße 6  •  D-41460 Neuss

ClinicAll Servicios de informaciones para Clinicas SL
cc Sotomarket Oficina 8
E – 11310 San Roque

ClinicAll (Gibraltar) Limited
57/63 Line Wall Road

United Arab Emirates
ClinicAll Middle East
56, w2 Building, Dubai Airport Freezone
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ClinicAll – leading in digital services since 2008

With its innovative digitalized solutions, ClinicAll has established a strong name for itself at numerous domestic and international trade shows and industry events.



ClinicAll systems are now successfully deployed in many hospitals in Germany and other countries.



ClinicAll – facts and figures

Market sector
Hospital and clinic IT, providing clinic-specific software and systems integration for eHealth, iHealth, and Infotainment at the patient’s bedside

Main software and product development, delivery and distribution (subsidiary in Germany): 25

Software solutions to support and integrate existing standalone services in hospitals, and to support the digital transformation of hospital processes. ClinicAll systems make it possible to integrate third-party software onto a central display.

Year of formation

Hospitals, treatment centers, assisted living and rehabilitation clinics in Europe, the Middle East, and other expanding markets.