ClinicAll Base TV

ClinicAll BaseTV – the attractive TV offering at the patient's bedside

Our perfected – and highly economical – TV solution for patients: Mounted at any patient's bedside on a very modern swivel arm with slim, elegant design. The TV sets are especially designed for the use in hospitals and meet all requirements in regard to hygiene, user friendliness and safety. ClinicAll Base TV is the perfect answer to ever increasing patient expectations.

Technical data

  • 19” LED TV offering high contrast images
  • attractive white design, perfectly blending in with any clinic environment
  • antimicrobial enclosure actively prevents bacterial growth
  • headphone jack, galvanically isolated
  • Smart TV applications with several clinic-specific services
  • integrated IPTV system for individual interactivity
  • easy billing system

The ClinicAll App

Access to hospital services with our new App

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The versatile bedside terminal

ClinicAll Comfort+ is a complete, versatile infotainment system with touchscreen interface and Windows operating system that also offers some facilitation for hospitals.

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The intelligent solution

ClinicAll HIS Pro offers a great selection of clinic specific functions, including HIS integration, making it the top solution in our infotainment system portfolio.

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ClinicAll for rehabilitation clinics

ClinicAll Reha PRO is the efficient solution for the rehabilitation sector: Just to pick one example, we offer wall screens that can be easily controlled via a tablet PC.

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