ClinicAll Reha Pro

ClinicAll Reha Pro – our tailored product offer for rehabilitation clinics

ClinicAll Reha Pro is the perfect solution for every rehabilitation clinic. After individual consultation, we provide a product portfolio that offers a maximum of comfort and ease-of-use for both staff and patients. First, we offer a tailored hardware solution: In addition to our bedside terminals, for example desktop PCs combined with high-resolution screens can be installed. Of course, the ClinicAll software runs on every single device.

Second, we also offer a tailored software solution: Rehabilitation centers need certain functionalities, for example comprehensive schedule planning that is available online to every patient, easily updated and synchronised on all devices. All these solutions are included in ClinicAll Reha Pro.

Technical data

  • touchscreen terminals, desktop PCs, ClinicAll Pocket Pad or wall-mounted screens with Windows operating system
  • TV, radio, internet, telephone systems (scope of functions can be adjusted to hospital specifications)
  • in addition to the scope of other ClinicAll solutions, additional functionalities can be included that answer specific needs of rehabilitation clinics (e.g. dedicated schedule planning)
  • Range of functions can be adapted to today's and tomorrow's needs of the hospital

The attractive TV offering

ClinicAll BaseTV ist a highly attractive TV offering at the patient's bedside. This solution offers unrivalled economy and very high patient comfort.

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The versatile bedside terminal

ClinicAll Comfort+ is a complete, versatile infotainment system with touchscreen interface and Windows operating system that also offers some facilitation for hospitals.

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The intelligent solution

ClinicAll HIS Pro offers a great selection of clinic specific functions, including HIS integration, making it the top solution in our infotainment system portfolio.

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ClinicAll for rehabilitation clinics

ClinicAll Reha PRO is the efficient solution for the rehabilitation sector: Just to pick one example, we offer wall screens that can be easily controlled via a tablet PC.

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