ClinicAll Comfort Plus

ClinicAll Comfort Plus – the versatile infotainment terminal offering highest patient comfort

Regarding both the initial installation procedure as well as everyday operations, ClinicAll Comfort Plus is as simple as a basic wall-mounted TV set. But for patients, Comfort Plus offers so much more than that: It is a complete, versatile computer terminal with touch-screen interface and Windows operating system that combines all information and entertainment media. In addition, Comfort Plus also includes several clinic funktions such as: Nurse call, food ordering, bed and room control. Upon request, telephone services can also be included in the system.

The connected hospital – an option for the future

For hospitals, ClinicAll Comfort Plus offers the benefit of expandability: Whenever required, further functionalities can be included in the system, up to the scope of functions of a professional ClinicAll HIS Pro System (see next page).

Technical data

  • 12”, 15” or 18” touch-screen terminals with Windows operating system
  • attractive Design with antimicrobial, highly robust enclosure
  • TV, radio, internet, telephone service (clinic specific)
  • functions such as nurse call, digital food ordering, room and bed control relieve patients and the clinic staff
  • comprehensive expandability makes Comfort Plus a future-proof investment

The attractive TV offering

ClinicAll BaseTV ist a highly attractive TV offering at the patient's bedside. This solution offers unrivalled economy and very high patient comfort.

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The versatile bedside terminal

ClinicAll Comfort+ is a complete, versatile infotainment system with touchscreen interface and Windows operating system that also offers some facilitation for hospitals.

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The intelligent solution

ClinicAll HIS Pro offers a great selection of clinic specific functions, including HIS integration, making it the top solution in our infotainment system portfolio.

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ClinicAll for rehabilitation clinics

ClinicAll Reha PRO is the efficient solution for the rehabilitation sector: Just to pick one example, we offer wall screens that can be easily controlled via a tablet PC.

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