PACS-DICOM data display

One of the major advantages of ClinicAll clinic infotainment systems is their versatility. As all ClinicAll end devices use the Windows operating system, they can be perfectly integrated into any clinic-wide network. A large number of applications help to make everyday operations in hospitals much more efficient.

Display image data on every ClinicAll end device

The use of a Picture Archiving and Communication Systems – PACS – based on the DICOM communication standard is part of today's clinic processes. Imaging devices such as SPECT cameras, computer tomography or magnetic resonance imaging systems create image files to DICOM standard. And ClinicAll devices – no matter if it is the Pocket Pad tablet PC or the infotainment terminals at the patients' bedside – are able to access PACS and display these image files.

This functionality is another important factor to improve communication between patients and doctors or clinic staff. It also helps to simplify clinic operations.

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