Hospital information system – HIS

The main task of a hospital information system is the continuous collection and processing of all data that a clinic produces: Medical informations, but also administrative data are connected and maintained by the means of a state-of-the-art HIS. The target: All data and patient information are managed efficiently and reliably to ensure fast and focused action at any time throughout the hospital.

Today, most clinics already operate a HIS – at least in parts. ClinicAll infotainment systems offer the possibility to integrate this existing HIS and also to increase its capabilties step-by-step. All bedside terminals, Pocket Pad tablet PCs and additional ClinicAll devices are able to display, process and share all data that the HIS holds.

Why is HIS integration so important?

Connecting and processing all data at a central location leads to a closer and more efficient cooperation of the individual sectors within a hospital – the administration, medical stations and laboratories, surgery, radiological station or others. At the initial reception, all patient information is entered in one central file that can immediately be shared – and supplemented – at any hospital station thereafter. All information from the different sectors that care for the patient is saved at one central location. The power of such a HIS and its availability at every part, for every staff member, helps to significantly increase the economy and the performance of all clinical processes.

In future, the requirements towards hospital information systems will raise more and more – digital data processing will be an indispensable component for every clinic. Add to this the need for more and faster communication processes for the patients. ClinicAll is dedicated to the ongoing development of its products to meed these requirements. The perfect integration of all medical devices and the bedside terminals has already become reality thanks to these developments of ClinicAll.

The target: Successful clinic operations

Within this context, success can be defined by various criteria: Flexibility, economy, patient satisfaction are vital factors for clinic operations. By its state-of-the-art developments and the broad integration of any clinic's HIS, all these factors are improved – persistently.

Regarding patient comfort, ClinicAll terminals offer a vast improvement for the inevitable patient's leisure time directly at the bedside: TV, internet, phone, radio ... in addition, medical videos or the provision of general treatment information help the patient to get a better understanding of his own treatment process.

Regarding improvements for the clinic staff, ClinicAll's contribution is equally valuable. The innovative end devices – such as the mobile Pocket Pad tablet PC – save a lot of unneccessary walking. Every ClinicAll end device gives doctors and clinic staff the possibility to acess and also amend all relevant patient information – for example during a round or when controlling vital data.

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