Clinic infotainment systems

TV, phone, Internet, HIS integration.

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Based on Microsoft Windows 8.

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Pocket Pad
7" tablet PC

Our Tablet PC, the mobile terminal for doctors and staff.

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ClinicAll Premium Entertainment

New Premium Entertainment Software for Android and iOS

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CliniTec box: The mobile terminal

The innovative bedside terminal without wall mount.

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CliniSleep bed system

The space-saving miracle for hospitals.

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Operation & financing

Operator, financing, leasing and purchase options.

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ClinicAll Pocket Pad 7" – the innovative tablet PC for hospitals!

It fits into any white coat pocket and is perfectly suited to any clinic application: The new ClinicAll Pocket Pad

In contrast to almost every other tablet PC, the ClinicAll Pocket Pad has been specifically developed for the use in hospitals. Its 7” multitouch display produces a brilliant image while ensuring compact dimensions. The body is dust and splash proof according to IP54, able to stand up to all stresses in everyday clinic use. The built-in Intel® Atom™ Z Prozessor provides ample power for fast and smooth operation.

The Pocket Pad runs the ClinicAll application without any limitations

The Pocket Pad features a full Windows Embedded operating system that can be easily connected to any HIS. The use of dedicated mobile apps – such as SAP EMP for fast access to patient data – is easily possible. Communication and data exchange with other devices is provided via WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC, as well as optional 3G / 4G. The device also features integrated connections such as e.g. a SD card reader, barcode scanner or twin (front and main) cameras.

Docking Connector

A special docking connector has been developed for the Pocket Pad. This optional device provides additional connections and also recharges the Pocket Pad. The built-in HDMI port allows the connection of an external monitor.

The perfect mobile device for physicians and staff

The ClinicAll Pocket Pad is the perfect companion for physicians and clinic staff. It is lightweight, adaptable, rugged and offers enough computing power for most clinic specific tasks. In addition, it can be easily integrated into any modern clinic IT thanks to its Windows 8 Embedded operating system. The Pocket Pad is offered by ClinicAll to very good exclusive conditions.

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